Healthier Happier You for Young People

Healthier Happier You can support young people either individually or in small groups with bespoke programmes designed to meet the organisation and individual’s needs.  Which makes this perfect for schools or community groups.

A fun programme will be built to motivate, encourage, support and enthuse the young people to begin a journey to becoming healthier and happier.

Using mindset, motivation and movement we will explore how to better manage anxiety and stress, how to understand and release emotions, improve self-confidence and how to look after our minds and bodies.

Three steps to Healthier Happier Young People


How we think and what affect this has on our actions is key for young people.  All programmes will explore the art of being more mindful and present.  This will help reduce anxieties and stresses for the young person and support them in recognising and catching negative thought patterns early.  By doing this we can start to calm the minds of young people and support them to be more compassionate with themselves.


Motivated young people will find their driving force from within and get things done.  Healthier Happier You will work with the young person or group to understand how to be motivated by exploring their why, their purpose and drive.  Being positive, building resilience and believing in their own abilities are key to keeping motivated in the short and long term.


As much as possible sessions will include movement.

As well as being great for our physical health, movement also benefits our mental health.

Walking and talking come very naturally together and walking in a group can make us feel more connected to each other, reducing loneliness and isolation. Walking can improve mood and sleep-quality, reduce stress and anxiety.

Ready to start your journey?

Become a healthier and happier you by contacting me for a friendly chat to start exploring how we can work together.