Frequently asked questions

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What happens in the first session?

We will explore what a healthier and happier you will feel and look like.  Taking this we will then build your A – B plan which will look at where you currently are (A) and where you want to get to (B).  We will then agree in the first session some tiny new habits that you will introduce to get you started on your journey. 

We will always consider what you eat, how you move and how you rest and relax.  A holistic approach to your journey is very important as this is where change will truly happen.

How often do you recommend having mentoring sessions?

This will be different for everyone depending on the size of your journey, your current lifestyle and the time and money you have to commit to this.  Initially a weekly session would be recommended because this provides regular touch points with your mentor which provides the accountability you need to make the changes we agree.

What are sessions on the move?

I want to get you active and so your 50 min sessions will take place on the move. This might be a walk, a jog or a cycle for example.  But don’t worry as we will decide together what a suitable activity would be.

I haven’t done any exercise for a long time what if I can’t manage it?

You will never be asked to do anything that you are not comfortable with doing or don’t have the ability to do.  The type of movement will be of a level where we can talk at the same time.

What if it’s raining?

We will wear good footwear and a jacket.  We won’t shrink so will be ok.

Where will we go from?

This will be agreed during the first session to ensure that both you and I are able to get there at a suitable time.

What if we can’t meet in person?

With many challenges due to CV-19 we can still do all of the sessions either by zoom, teams, facetime etc.  But on the move and with together will always be the preference.

What if I already feel healthy and happy?

This is great news and if you genuinely feel that you have no room for improvement across what you eat, how you move and how you relax and rest then mentoring might not be for you. But I feel this is a journey where we can all improve and sometimes just having the headspace and time to talk and think about it will be an improvement.  And the fact you find yourself reading this I think means we can work together and you can invest some time in you.

What’s included in a half and full day for the business packages?

This will very much depend on the type of package that your company wants to go with?  A half-day session will give you four hours with me.  The first week might include an inspirational talk with your employees and then following that it could be a weekly/fortnightly/monthly drop in clinic for your staff to improve their health and happiness.

Or you might want to focus on particular areas of the business and teams that you want to support.

Healthier Happier You has a flexible work plan to ensure the client gets the most from their time.

Ready to start your journey?

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