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Sleep More, Live More – podcast

Sleeping with David Baddiel – audible podcast

How to sleep better & for longer – podcast

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Healthy hydration – website article

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Why alcohol doesn’t count – podcast

How to achieve optimum hydrationpodcast

Quench book

Me Time

Vulnerability and power (Brené Brown) – podcast

10 ways to destress your life (Deliciously Ella) – podcast

Break free from the limitations of your mind (Peter Crone) – podcast

The man who had everything but his happiness (Robbie Williams) – podcast

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Yoga sessions – (some of my favourites)

8 min ‘Get the juices flowing’ – YouTube

17 min ‘Movement Medicine’  YouTube

45 min ‘Deep Stretch’ – YouTube

32 min ‘Twisting Detox’ – YouTube

12 min ‘Power Ab’s’ – YouTube

Hormone Health 

Getting to know the Female Menstrual Cycle – read Here

Fat Loss for Females (James Smith PT) – podcast 

Period Power (Maisie Hill & Deliciously Ella) – podcast 

The complete guide to the menopause – book 

Surviving Menopause (James Smith & Dr Louise Newson) – podcast

Menopause and sleep – podcast


From Ironbars to Ironman (John McAvoy) – book

The Energy Bus (Jon Gordon) – book 

Can you really high 5 your way to happiness (Mel Robbins) – podcast

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