Meet your mentor

Hi, I am Jane Hannah your Healthier Happier Mentor and I am the perfect person to help you on your journey to becoming healthier and happier. My positivity is infectious (I am told), I like to have fun and I enjoy motivating everyone that I work with to give them the confidence that they can make positive changes.

My life is led by the five values at the top of this page: be kind, be honest, be loyal, be responsible and be authentic.

My own journey to becoming the healthier and happier version of myself that I am today has had its ups and downs and I know from experience that making better choices isn’t always easy but my can-do attitude and determination coupled with my tried and tested methods will get you on your journey.

As the chubby kid at school this carried on through my university time until my early 20’s when I became more aware of what i was eating and drinking and I also joined a gym for the first time. I remember feeling ecstatic when I successfully ran for 12 minutes on the treadmill without stopping and the gym instructor came and congratulated me.

Tried and tested
Fast forward 20 years and I have completed 10 London Marathons in under four hours and completed 8 Long Distance Triathlons, the Mallorca312 bike event and now working my way up to a 50 mile ultra marathon.  My awareness and understanding of the importance of balancing my training, eating and most importantly sleep and rest has come a long way over the years and it is these experiences and knowledge that make me your perfect role model to work with.

In the last 3 years, I have also invested time in going on my own mindset journey to develop my mental strength for when the going gets tough which is especially important for when I am racing but I find it incredibly helpful in my every day activities. This journey has given me so much valued knowledge, top tips and tools. Putting my improved mindset and mental strength to the test in 2019 enabled me to cross the finish line first and become the current European Champion in my age group for long distance triathlon.

Working with me will allow me to pass this experience, knowledge, tips and tools on to ensure once on your journey you will succeed with a can-do attitude and the resilience to keep going to achieve your ambitions of a healthier happier you.

Qualifications and experience
Following the completion of a sports studies degree I have 20 years experience in the physical activity and sport sector looking at behaviour change to get people more active.

My academic studies, career and ongoing learning along with my own personal growth journey to a healthier and happier me brings me a wealth of experience to help you on your journey.

I see my life as a journey where I am continually learning and improving myself.

Ready to start your journey?

Become a healthier and happier you by contacting me for a friendly chat to start exploring how we can work together.